Me & My Camera

My journey of photography from 1995 to present with various cameras and lot of learning. I am posting  pictures here which I shot throughout this journey.

I am an hobbyist Photographer. I was fascinated to the camera and photography since childhood. I used to grab camera from friends and take pictures. First camera (friend’s) I used was back in 1995, I knew nothing about photography. That Camera was purchased by my friend at Delhi roadside for Rs 200. Next camera I used was a branded point and shoot film camera with that I used to play around with composition, but i didnt know about exposure triangle etc. Next one was SONY H50 which more of medium level point and shoot 9.1 Megapixels 15X optical zoom. I started reading articles, seeing videos regarding photography learnt many things mostly from internet. I suggest anyone who is starting, to consult  GOOGLE. I  learnt Photoshop and was amazed by its capabilities used to spent many hours manipulating , experimenting with photos.

In 2014  My brother brought me a DSLR which was a long time dream, NIKON D7000 which is medium level DSLR with 16.2Megapixel , APSC sensor, good built quality and trusted by many since many years. It came with a Nikkor 18-140 mm  f3.5-5.6 VR kit lens. Another lens is Nikkor 35mm-f1.8 prime lens.

I started taking pictures with it, mostly portraits, landscapes and I use Lightroom for postprocessing. In 2015 we moved to new house which is  lot close to nature. I started taking pictures of birds, butterflies and then I figured out Nikkor 18-140 mm VR kit lens was not enough since I was finding some deficit in pictures I shot, So went for an upgrade of lens and bought TAMRON 70-300 SP VC USD lens. The moment I got it I started taking pictures and was very much satisfied with quality of pictures.

In May 2018 I joined team Hyderabad Birding Pals (HBP) birdwalks.  After that my birding experience took a steep curve of learning with the good hearted and ever welcoming HBP  members. Within a month of joining HBP I bought a Nikon AF-S Nikkor 200-500MM F/5.6E ED VR lens for wildlife and birds (courtesy HBP advice and opinions).

 I continue to read photography articles on internet and improve my picture quality, but still I am an amateur have to Learn lot of things ….suggestions are always welcome.

Check out my  photographs on 500PX 500px-48, National Geographic Yourshot entertainment_nationalgeographic_48px_547680_easyicon-net


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