Red-rumped Swallow

Small bird belongs to swallow family. Mostly airborne and in groups. It has peculiar features of small pointed beak, pointed tail, black wings and light coloured name  : Cecropis daurica

These birds are very swift in flight and difficult to photograph. I managed only a long shot of these birds all these days.

Under body is light colored and has spots. red-rumped-swallow_dsc7840

This winter these birds were sunbasking I caught them on my terrace. All birds were courteous enough to pose for me, so that I could work on my composition. I took these shots Using Tamron 70-300mmVC. red-rumped-swallow_dsc7849

These birds quite common in our surroundings. A picture of this bird in

Here on this blog are the other pictures of other birds I shot.

Follow my other pictures on 500PX 500px-48, National Geographic Yourshot entertainment_nationalgeographic_48px_547680_easyicon-net


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