Indian Robin

Indian robin is a small sized bird. Male are black in colour, females are brown in colour. Males have a white shoulder patch, visible more on extension of wings while flying. They are very common birds in the neighborhood I almost see them every day in my frontyard.


Indian Robin ( male)


Indian Robin Female

Scientific name :Copsychus fulicatus

Both usually raise their tail for showing their vent which is chestnut /orange in colour. Pied bushchat is also looks same with black colour, white shoulder patch but smaller in size than Indian robin.


Indian robin Male@2017


Juvenile – changing to adult plumage


Need some grooming


Here on this blog are the other pictures of other birds I shot.

Follow my other pictures on 500PX 500px-48, National Geographic Yourshot entertainment_nationalgeographic_48px_547680_easyicon-net


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